Accepted Platinum Credit Card – No credit check, $1000 Credit Limit

Accepted Platinum Credit Card is a unique card designed for shopping at, an online store. The accepted Platinum card comes with a 0% interest rate. It means you do not need to pay any extra charge when you purchase anything from the online store. So, if you want this awesome credit card, you need only a bank account or a debit card, and you’re set to get this Accepted Platinum credit card.

This credit card comes with a monthly fee of $14.95. You must pay only $14.99 to use this Accepted Platinum Credit Card. This card gives you a lot of extra benefits, features, free advice from legal experts, money-saving offers on medicines, and various special programs that will give you rewards while using an Accepted Platinum Credit Card.

If you are fed up with another credit card, then the Accepted Platinum credit card might be your best one. It will be very useful for your online shopping.

Acceptance Platinum Card Details

Annual Fee$0
Monthly Membership Fee$14.95/month
Regular APR0%
Starting Credit Limit$1,000
Minimum Monthly PaymentPaying at least 15% of your outstanding balance or $25, whichever is more. You must pay the full amount if your purchase is less than $25.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • No credit checks
  • Initital $1,000 starting credit limit
  • 0% APR


  • This card will be used at Accepted Platimum’s online store. You can’t use Visa or Mastercard platforms.

The Accepted Platinum Credit card is exclusively designed to use at, and this card is not affiliated with any other brand like Visa or Mastercard. The most attractive part of this credit card is its 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which means it will help you to save money on your spending. 

However, you must follow some payment rules – paying at least 15% of your outstanding balance or $25, whichever is more. You must pay the full amount if your purchase is less than $25. has a variety of brands and a lot of their features. And you’ll surely be familiar with it.

Here is a look at the homepage of; their main focus is to offer great deals to their customers. 

Accepted Platinum Credit Card

Membership of Accepted Platinum Credit Card

For the membership of Accepted Platinum, you have to pay $14.95 every month. This membership will give you the following benefits:

Unique Rewards: This is a special reward program for Accepted Platinum cardholders, where you will receive rewards of 25 dollars every month. This will enable you to spend over half a million on products. You can save on local and online shopping if you send in these categories like local restaurants, travel, entertainment, and many more categories.

This membership also includes access to emergency roadside assistance facilitated by Signature’s Nationwise Auto Clud, Inc. This service will cover you for towing, loo-ot-situations, fluid delivery, tire changes, and even winching.

Premium Memberships: This credit card also gives you access to the legal Club of America at a discounted rate on legal services countrywide. The network of lawyers is very nast and provides certain services free of cost and some legal services at discounted rates. 

Great Discounts: Enjoy Sparks RX Discounts; save up to 54% on drug prescriptions at more than 62,000 pharmacies. You will also get reward points, which can be exchanged for a gift card.

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Requirements for the Accepted Credit Card

Before you apply for this credit card, keep these things ready:

  • Working Bank Account, Debit Card, or Credit Card 
  • Any bankruptcy you’ve filed must be discharged
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • It would be best if you were a resident of the US

The Accepted Platinum Credit Card is unique because when you apply for the card, it doesn’t put any hard inquiries. Please ensure that if you’ve filed for bankruptcy, the process must be finished before applying for the Accepted Platinum Credit Card. If you have any past bankruptcy, it will negatively impact your application.

You must have a Working Bank Account, Debit Card, or Credit Card to pay the monthly membership fees or dues.

Accepted Platinum card

The Accepted Platinum Cred is having tough competition from other credit card companies, this will guarantee card approval, and it will not check any credit history.

The below table shows the top competitors: 

CardAnnual FeeMonthly FeeAPRCredit LimitCredit Bureau Reporting
Accepted Platinum$0$14.950%$1,000No Reporting
Unique Platinum$0$19.950%$1,000No Reporting
Merit Platinum$0$14.770%$750No Reporting
Buy On Trust$0$0VariesUp to $5,0003 Major Bureaus

Let’s compare the Accepted Platinum card with other offerings:

Unique Card Services: The Accepted Platinum Credit Card issuer also has a range of store cards with similar benefits and features. If we take Unique Platinum as a reference, it offers a credit card limit of $1000, the same as the Accepted Platinum. While the United Platinum has a slightly higher monthly subscription fee of $19.96. If we compare the subscription fees, then Accepted Platinum is better and affordable at $14.95. 

Horizon Card Services: One more competitor, Horizon Card Services, also provides a similar range of store credit cards. Horizon has recently launched Merit Platinum Credit Card, and if we compare this card, the card limit is slightly low, $750, compared to Accepted Platinum’s $1000.

At the same time, the monthly membership fees are the same, with Merit Platinum charging $14.77 and Accepted Platinum charging $14.95. Merit Platinum doesn’t report to any credit bureaus, and Accepted Platinum has to report to one of the three major bureaus, although this needs to be stated somewhere.

Against Buy on Trust: Buy on Trust is an online buy-to-lease electronics store whose business model is to deliver products from the closest Best Buy Store. Buy on Trust also has to report all the major credit bureaus.

There will be no credit score check requirement (though the last 4 digits of your SSN or ITIN are required for verification), and you can easily get a credit limit of up to $5000, 5 times more than the Accepted Platinum. Buy on Trust don’ have any annual or monthly fees.

While Buy on Trust charges an interest rate on products, Accepted Platinum offers 0% APR on all purchases.

Our Verdict: Good Credit Limit and No Credit Checks

If your credit score is poor or lies in the range of 300 to 400, it can be difficult to get any Credit Cards, even secured cards. In this situation, every card you applied for online will be rejected. But still, you can try for the Accepted Platinum Card because it will not do hard inquiries. After all, it is offering you a secured credit card. 

If you are stuck in this type of situation, then there is only one chance to get a credit card from Accepted Platinum. You will surely get a credit card from the Accepted Platinum because their eligibility criteria are low. And Accepted Platinum does not report to the credit bureaus. 

So, this credit card is a good choice for a short-term period. With this credit card, you can improve your credit score, and when your credit score improves, you can go for other good credit cards.


Yes, you have some other options similar to Accepted Platinum. Here we have mentioned 2 alternatives for Accepted Platinum Credit Card which has similar approval requirements:

Buy On Trust: This is a lease-to-own electronics store; the nearest Best Buy Store fulfills the orders to your location. At the same time, the Accepted Platinum online store doesn’t offer branded electronics items. Buy on Trust will give you a credit limit of $5000, with no annual or monthly membership fees.

If you want to take Buy on Truest Credit card, you have a monthly income of at least $1000 from the same company for the past 3 months. Buy on Trust send reports to all three major credit bureaus. 

This is also a great alternative to Acceptance Platinum; you can take loans and credit lines to build your good credit score because Self doesn’t check your credit report and guarantees the card approval.

There is no joining and renewal fee, and having a low credit builder loan that will result in a secured credit card. This is a low-cost method of building credit scores. This is an excellent choice to accept Platinum.

Application Forms

The 3 forms do the online application process. On the first page of the form, you must provide your name, email, address, phone number, date of birth, and current Bank Account.

Accepted Platinum card

You must provide the bank’s debit card details on the other pages. Here are some screenshots of the application form.

Contact Information

Address: Unique Card Services, PO Box 757, Hopwood, PA 15445

Phone: 1-888-805-7648


Who gets platinum credit card?

Platinum credit cards are given to individuals with good credit scores. And the person who has shown responsible credit management over time, paying regular credit card bills on time and keeping their debt levels very low.

Is platinum credit card the best?

Whether a Platinum Credit Card is best depends on a person’s needs, expenses, and financial situation. In contrast, Platinum Card has various benefits, including a $1000 credit limit, more rewarding points programs, and extra benefits like travel insurance and concierge services.

Which is higher platinum or gold credit card?

If we compare the two credit cards, Platinum Credit Cards are generally considered better than gold cards. This is because Platinum card offers more benefits, rewards, and services than Gold cards. Platinum cards offer higher credit limits, better reward programs, and extra features like travel insurance or concierge services.

Is Platinum credit card worth it?

The value of any credit card depends on your spending habits and current financial situation. In contrast, Platinum Credit Card has great benefits like higher reward rates, travel benefits, concierge services, and higher credit limits. Accepted Platinum is a good choice if you use credit cards frequently daily.

What is accepted platinum credit card?

The accepted Platinum credit card is an online store credit card. This credit card can be purchased at a specific store called A platinum credit card comes with a 0% APR, which means cardholders need not pay the interest on their purchases.

Is platinum mastercard a credit card?

Yes, Platinum Mastercard is a type of credit card. The credit card companies use the word ” Platinum ” to denote higher benefits or rewards than the other basic or gold credit cards.

Which is higher platinum or titanium credit card?

Credit card tiers are not globally standardized across all banks or credit issuers. Still, in many cases, a Titanium credit card is considered a higher credit card than a Platinum card. But the eligibility criteria and joining fees are different dues to eligibility and fees. The features may be less or more.

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