Bosch Service Credit Card Reviews

Bosch Service Credit Card: Sometimes, we get irritated because of unexpected vehicle repairs, and the cost of repairing the vehicle is sometimes costly, and we can’t recover it. On the other side, we also need a vehicle to keep running our day-to-day activities like going to the office for a long drive. But don’t worry; here is a good solution for unexpected repairs, and your vehicle will be back on the road. 

The Bosch Service Credit Card will help you pay all of your repair costs, and you will pay the credit card bills later at your convenience.  

Bosch Serice Credit Card Review

Purchase APR  (Variable APR)28.8%
Balance Transfer APR  (Variable APR)N/A
Credit Score RequiredFair to Good: 650 – 850
Annual Fee / Renewal Fee$0

Generally, this is a store credit card issued by the First National Association. Before making any decision about the Bosch Service Credit Card, read all the benefits and features:


  • High APRs: If you carry a balance, this credit card is for someone else. The Bosch credit card offers a variable purchase APR of 28.8%
  • No annual fee*: If you are looking for a low-maintenance credit card, then the Bosch Service Credit Card is good. You don’t have to pay an annual fee for the card.
  • Fair or better credit required: The Bosch Service Credit Card requires a basic credit score. If you have a credit score above 650, you can get approval for the credit card.

Major Benefits of Bosch Service Credit Card

  • There is no joining or yearly renewal fee.
  • You can have your desired name on the physical credit card. The physical Bosch Service Credit Card has a logo, your name, and the card number embarked on it.
  • You can use Bosch Service Credit Card at Bosch Service Centers. You can easily find the location of the service center on the Bosch Car Service website.
  • The data collected by the CFNA indicate that cardholders spend more on their visit.
  • The new customers attract to the Bosch Service Center due to consumer loyalty and good experience.
  • The service centers of Bosch are allowed to keep different types of purchase materials. Due to this, customer involvement increases, and people love to go Bosch Service Centers again and again.
Bosch Service Credit Card
Bosch Service Credit Card

The Bosch Service Center has services like servicing gasoline, diesel, petrol, and hybrid vehicles. You will get original quality products at Bosch Service Centers. 

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Is there any cashback and regards the program on Bosch Service Credit Card?

Bosch Service Credit Card does not provide any cashback or reward program.

What is the APR offered by the Bosch Service Credit Card?

As per the official data by the Federal Reserve Board, the average regular APR is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for balance accounts. The credit card has a higher APR than the regular APR.

While purchasing, an APR of 28.8% will be charged.

What is the intro offer on balance transfer by Bosch Service Credit Card?

The Bosch Service Credit Card offers no intro offer for balance transfers.

Is there any intro APR offer on new purchases?

Ther is no intro APR offer on new purchases.

What is the annual fee for Bosch Service Credit Card?

There is no annual fee on the card. That’s why this credit card is good for low-cost card holders.

What is the customer service number of the Bosch Service Credit Card?

The Bosch Service Credit Card customer service number, is (800) 321-3950.

What is the official email of the Bosch Service Credit Card?

The official email of the Bosch Service Credit Card is

What is the official website of the Bosch Service Credit Card?

Click on this link to access the services of Bosch Service Credit Card.

What is the user experience of the Bosch Service Credit Card?

Overall the experience is quite good. But there are no official reviews for the Bosch Service Credit Card, so we can’t say more about the user experience.

To which credit bureaus does Bosch Service Credit Card send your account activity?

Your credit activity is sent to the following credit bureaus:
1. Equifax
2. Experian
3. Transunion

If you make your payments on time and keep your credit utilization low, you can increase your credit score. A good credit score represents a financially responsible person and helps improve their credit score.

How can I apply for Bosch Service Credit Card?

1. Go to the official website of Bosch Service Credit Card.
2. Find the online application form and complete the required details like your name, SSN, full address, and annual income.
3. Re-check all the information and then submit the form and wait for approval.

If your credit score is fair, you will surely get Bosch Service Credit Card. You will receive an approval message in your mail.

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