Is the Brightway Credit Card Right for You? Detailed Review

OneMain Financial, mostly known for its personal loans, also offers two credit cards: BrightWay Credit Card and BrightWay+ Credit Card. These credit cards are issued by Web Bank, ideal for people with less than the average credit score. The annual fee for the BrightWay Credit Card ranges from $0 to $75. But the cards have no monthly maintenance fee, which is a good thing.

The BrightWay Credit Cards offer unlimited 1% cashback and cardholders can qualify for credit limit increase or APR decrease in less than six months after achieving milestone rewards. Currently, the credit card is available to selected customers, but OneMain Financial plans to expand soon.

At present, BrightWay Credit Cards are available by invitation or through certain partner websites. Here’s all you need to know about the OneMain Financial BrightWay credit card.

OneMain Financial Brightway Credit Card Review

The BrightWay and BrightWay+ Mastercard credit cards are offered by OneMainfinanical. These credit cards are designed for those who have average credit and who are building credit. The BrightWay credit card has a credit limit of up to $3,000 and is ideal for those who are building credit.

Both the credit offers unlimited 1% cashback with milestone benefits in which will be given a choice between APR reduction or a credit limit increase. Currently, the credit cards are available to selected customers only.

Pros & Cons

  • Cardholders get unlimited 1% cash back.
  • No need to deposit security.
  • Get rewards for on-time payments.
  • Approved with fair credit.
  • High regular APR.
  • High annual fee.
  • Low credit limit.

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Key Features of Brightway Credit Cards

  • $0 – $65 Annual fee: The BrightWay Credit Cards annual fee ranges from $0 to $75. The BrightWay credit card is ideal for those who are building credit.
  • Rewards: The card offers unlimited 1% cashback on purchases. You can continue to earn rewards each time when you make 6 consecutive on-time payments.
  • Credit Limit: Both Brightway Credit Cards offer a credit limit of up to $3,000, which is lower than other entry-level credit cards.
  • Milestone Benefits: If you complete the milestone rewards, then you will qualify for a choice between an APR reduction or a credit limit increase.
  • Approval on low credit: If you have a low credit score, don’t worry you will get approved with fair credit of 640 or higher.

Rates and fees of Brightway Credit Cards

Annual Fee$0 to $75
APR on Purchases30.49% – 35.99%
Cash Advance fee3% of the cash advance or $10 (whichever is higher)
Balance Transfer Fee3% of the transfer amount or $10 (whichever is higher)
Late Payment FeeUp to $40
Card ReplacementUp to $25
Foreign Transaction Fede1%

BrightWays Credit Cards More Details

  • The credit card is currently available for a limited number of users.
  • Once you achieve milestones then you will qualify for a choice between a credit limit increase or APR reduction in 6 months.
  • Your all on-time payments will be shared with the credit bureaus, this will help in building your credit score with time.
  • You will not be responsible for any unauthorized charges and zero fraud liability.
  • You can get this credit card without any maintenance cost with $0 activation and $0 security fees.
  • You get the extra benefit of protection and global coverage with MasterCard Network.
  • You can easily manage your credit card and account with BrightWay app.
BrightWay CardBrightWay+ Card
Annual Fee$0 to $75$0
Credit LimitUp to $3,000Up to $3,000
Unlimited Cashback1%1%
Purchase APR30.49% – 35.99%30.49% – 35.99%
Milestone BenefitsQualify for a choice between APR reduction or credit limit increaseQualify for a choice between APR reduction or credit limit increase
Ideal forwho are building creditwho has established credit

Important Things to Know about BrightWay Credit Cards

As you know currently the BrightWays cards are available only through invitation, but here are the most important things that you need to know about these credit cards:

1. There are two different variants of the BrightWay Cards

BrightWay and BrightWay+ Card
BrightWay and BrightWay+ Card

OneMain Financial offers two versions of BrightWay Cards – the BrightWay Cards and BrightWay+ card.

  • BrightWay Card: For those who are still building credit has annual fee varies from $0 to $75.
  • BrightWay+ card: For those with established credit an annual fee is $0.

If you use BrightWay Credit Card responsibly, then you can graduate to BrightWay+ Card.

2. You can qualify for an APR reduction or credit limit increase

If you use Brightway credit card responsibilities the card will reward you with rewards All The Way. After achieving a certain milestone criteria the cardholders can qualify for a choice between APR Reduction or Credit Limit Increase. Keep in mind that the annual APR cannot be lower than 19.99% and the credit limit cannot exceed $15,000.

Cardholders will lost their milestone benefit if they do not select one by the payment due date in the billing cycle that the Milestone Event was earned.

3. The Foreign Transaction Fee is low compared to other cards

One of the biggest benefits of these two cards is their low 1% Foreign Transaction Fee, which is lower than a 3% other travel-focused credit card charge. This makes BrightWay card a good choice for overseas purchases.

4. Both cards earn Rewards

Both the card earns an unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases. The cashback you earn is automatically redeemed for a statement credit at the end of each billing cycle.

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Who should get this card?

The BrightWay Cards are ideal for people who want to rebuild their credit history or who have established credit. But there are other credit cards in the market that offer much better value for long term.

The BrightWay Credit Cards is worth considering if you receive an offer to apply. Both cards have a number of benefits like you get unlimited 1% cashback on all purchases and milestone benefits in which you will get a choice between APR Reduction or credit limit increase.

Plus, if you use the BrightWay card responsibly and make timely payments, then you can be upgraded to BrightWay+ card, which has no annual fee and the same credit limit. Compare the cards with others to choose an ideal credit card for you.

Comparing the OneMain Financial BrightWay Card with Other Popular Cards

FeaturesBrightWay CardCiti Double Cash® CardUSAA Preferred Cash Rewards Credit Card
Annual fee$0 to $75$0$0
Welcome BonusNone$200None
Reward Rate1% cashback 2% cashback 1.5% cashback
Regular APR30.49% – 35.99%19.24% – 29.24% (variable)17.15% – 31.15% (variable)
Purchase Intro APRNot offeredNot offered0% for 15 months

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Bottom Line

The BrightWay Credit Cards are a great choice for those who are building their credit and who have established a good credit. Both cards offer unlimited 1% cashback on all purchases with a decent milestone reward benefit. These are good starter cards with a 1% foreign transaction fee, which is lower than other popular travel credit cards.

The card has an annual fee of $0 to $65 which is higher for a starter credit card. Therefore, compare BrightWay cards with other similar credit cards to choose a right credit card.

Brightway Credit Card FAQs

What is the credit score requirement for BrightWay Credit Card?

BrightWay credit card credit score needed – you need at least 640 or better to get approval for the BrightWay Credit Card. In addition to the credit score, the card issuer also consider your income, debt, and length of your credit history.

How to reach reward Milestone for BrightWay Credit Cards?

You will achieve milestones reward when you make 6 consecutive on-time payments during qualifying cycles. If you have the BrightWay Card now, then you will be upgraded to BrightWay+ card with no annual fee if you complete 4 Milestone Events.

Is the BrigthWay Card is a good time card?

Probably No, the OneMain Financial BrightWay Card is not a good card for first time card users because it is only available to those people who have fair credit or better. People with no card less likely to get approval for BrightWay Card.

What is the annual fee of BrightWay Card?

The annual fee of BrightWay credit card ranges from $0 to $75, while the BrightWay+ credit card has a $0 annual fee.

What is the reward earning of OneMain Financial BrightWay Card?

Both the BrightWay cards offer unlimited 1% cashback on all purchases.

Does BrightWay card offer credit increases?

Yes, if you complete milestone earning you will qualify for a choice between a credit limit increase or annual APR decrease.

What is the maximum credit limit of BrightWay Card?

The card offers a maximum credit limit of up to $3,000. But, the initial credit limit of $300 with a high-interest rate is one of the major drawbacks of this card. On consecutive 6 months on-time payments, you will qualify for a higher credit limit with lower interest rate.

What is the regular annual APR of BrightWay Cards?

The regular annual APR of BrightWay Cards is 30.49% – 35.99%.

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