Burlington Credit Card Review

The Burlington Credit Card is a store credit card issued by the Comenity Bank. If you want to get deep insights about the Burlington Credit Card, whether it is good for you or not, you can read the detailed analysis.

Overview of Burlington Credit Card

Burlington is a private label store brand famous for its products, and the credit card was launched by Burlington in 2019.

Burlington credit card is a closed-loop credit card, which is different from Visa, Master, and other types of credit cards. In contrast, close-loop credit cards can be used only in specific stores.

Burlington credit card is a specific credit card especially used in Burlington stores, and the benefits and features are created as per the user’s need. The cardholders will get different benefits like discounts, gift cards, loyalty programs, etc. 

Pros and Cons of Burlington Credit Card


  • Advanced Level Theft Protection
  • Users will get rewards for their expenses.
  • Reports to multiple credit bureaus.


  • Does not offer any signup bonus.
  • Reward points are limited, and you will get on particular purchases.
  • The card does not offer the major benefits of purchasing.


After opening the account, the Burlington credit card offers 10% off on your first purchase.

Get 1 reward point if you spend $1 on Burlington purchases with this credit card.

  • 100 Reward Points = $5
  • 500 Reward Points =$25
  • 1000 Reward Points = $50
  • 2000 Reward Points = $100

Get extended, receipt-free returns if you make purchases on Burlington.

You can access your account details on the mobile app, like new offers, transaction alerts, etc.

You will get a $5 bonus on all your completed layaways.

How to pay Burlington Credit Card Bill?

Online: The best way to pay the bill of your Burlington Credit Card is online; for this, you need to sign in to your account and pay the amount. Otherwise, you can use EasyPay as a guest and pay the credit bill. 

Easypay: The second option to pay with the help of a mobile; you need to call on this no. (877) 213-6741.

Phone: The third option is by mail; send the check via mail and send mail 5 days before the last date. Burlington does not offer to pay in-store.

Send your check or money order to the address given below:

Comenity Capital Bank

PO Mox 650967

Dallas, TX 75265-0967

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What is the credit score required for the Burlington Credit Card?

If you want a Burlington Credit Card, you must have a credit score between 650 and 750. You will surely get a credit card if you have credit in this range.

What are the basic requirements for Burlington Credit Card Approval? 

Firstly, credit score plays a vital role in getting a credit card, so your credit score should be good. You should have a proper source of regular income, no existing debt, a credit utilization ratio, credit inquiries, and housing status.

If you fulfill all the basic requirements of a Burlington credit card, you will get card approval with a low credit score. But before applying for the Burlington credit card, you must check your credit score. 

How to apply for the Burlington Credit Card?

There are two methods for applying for the Burlington Credit Card, either online or offline at the Burlington store. 

Here are the 2 methods for Burlington Credit Card:

  • Online: First, you have to go to the official website of Burlington Credit Card and find the credit card section and click on the “Apply” button.
  • In-store: Visit the offline Burlington store and request a new credit card at the customer service desk.

You must check your credit score before applying for the Burlington Credit Card. Your credit score must be in the approval range; otherwise, your application will get rejected. 

Does Burlington have a credit card?

Yes, Burlington launched a credit card in 2019, and the name of the credit card is Burlington Credit Card. You must have a fair to good credit score to apply for the Burlington Credit Card.

And the best thing is you will get a 10% discount on your first purchase from the Burlington Credit Card. You will also get 1 reward point if you spend $1 on selected categories.

Can I use my Burlington credit card after instant approval?

You can no longer use your Burlington Credit Card instantly after approval.

You can’t use the credit card after the instant approval. First, you need to activate the credit card, and then you can use the credit card for your expenses.

You can use the Burlington Credit Card at their online shop, and their online store is not functional, so you have to use the credit card at their local stores only. And you have to wait for the physical credit card to use it at the local stores. The physical credit card will take 7-10 business days to arrive at your home address.

How long will it take to get approved for the Burlington Credit Card?

The approval process for the Burlington Credit Card is quick and fast. You will instantly approve your online application if you fulfill all your basic eligibility criteria. You need to get an instant decision to get a credit card. Sometimes it will take time, and your details get reviewed in more detail. You will get your final decision via mail in 7-10 days after applying for the credit card.

If you are still waiting for a response after 10 days, you must ask customer care at (877) 213-6741. 

Is there any rewards and cash back system in the Burlington Credit Card?

Burlington Credit Card is a rewards card.

Rewards rate (all purchases)N/A
Max rewards rateN/A
Annual rewards limitN/A
Annual rewards limitN/A
Signup Bonus ($)N/A

Is there any signup bonus for Burlington Credit Card?

The card doesn’t offer any signup bonus.

Is there any loyalty bonus on Burlington Credit Card?

No, the card doesn’t offer any loyalty bonus.

What are the major benefits of Burlington Credit Card?

It provides the following benefits:
1. Get zero credit card fraud liability
2. Get a 10% discount on your first purchase.
3. Get 1 reward on $1 spent
4. Reports to all the credit bureaus

What are the APRs for the Burlington credit card?

Burlington does not provide any information related to the APR. For more details, you can visit the credit card’s official website.

What is the intro APRs offer on balance transfer?

There are no intro APRs offered on the balance transfer.

What are the intro APRs on new purchases?

There are no intro APRs on new purchases.

What is the annual fee for the Burlington Credit Card?

Zero annual fee

What is the customer service no. of Burlington credit card?

The customer service number for the Burlington Credit Card is (877) 213-6741.

What is the customer support email of Burlington Credit Card?

The customer support for the Burlington Credit Card is webmaster@comenity.net

What is the official website of Burlington Credit Card?

The official website of Burlington Credit Card is d.comenity.net

Does Burlington credit card report to any credit bureaus?

Yes, Burlington Credit Card reports to major credit bureaus
1. Transunion
2. Experian
3. Equifax

These credit bureaus monitor your credit utilization ratio and all the other activities of your credit card. So you must pay your credit card bills before the due date.

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