Cardis Credit Card Review – $0 Annual Fee

Cardis Credit Card Review: Almost every consumer in the US owns a store credit card. With the help of a store credit card, consumers get a good credit limit, and they can buy anything with the help of a credit limit. With the help of store credit cards, consumers can also improve their credit, and good credit opens various financial opportunities in the market. The furniture retailers provide the Cardis Furniture Credit Card, and Cardi’s Furniture also offers a store credit card in collaboration with Synchrony Financial.

Highlights of Cardis Credit Card

Annual Fee
Regular APR29.99%
Balance Transfer FeeN/A
Purchase Intro APR0% for 6 – 60 months
Transfer Intro APRBalance Transfers Not Allowed
Late Payment Fee$38
Returned Payment Fee
Cash Advance Rate
Cash Advance Fee
Foreign Transaction FeeN/A
Smart Chip
Overview of Cardis Credit Card

Regarding the other store credit card, the interest rate is too high – 29.99% APR. This creates an issue if you maintain a good balance and pay more than the minimum monthly payment. Another issue with other store credit cards is that they don’t have regular offers on their store, and the interest rate is high. 

But thanks to Cardi’s Credit Card, which offers 0% financing for 6 months on your purchases. And if you are making longer purchases still, you will get options from 12 months to 48 months. If you purchase $999, you will get 12-month financing; for a $1499 purchase, you will get 18 months of financing; for a $1999 purchase, get 48 months of financing; for a $2999 purchase, get 48 months of financing facility. Equal monthly payments are calculated, and the purchase amount will be divided by the number of months.

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You will get many benefits with these financing offers, but you must pay all the bills on time. Cardi’s Credit Card will charge 29.99% APR if you miss or delay any payment. And the charge will be applied from the product’s original purchase date. You don’t have to pay the annual fee for Cardi’s Credit Card. While the late payment and returned payment fees are up to $35.

RAC Acceptance Financing

Cardi also runs an in-house financing program for users with zero or very low credit. At the same time, RAC Acceptance is a lease program that allows you to purchase furniture and pay in small amounts. And this will ultimately improve your credit score. There is no interest rate in this program, but with any leasing program, fees will be charged.

Cardis Furniture Credit Card Payment

While purchasing anything at any store, everybody prefers to make payments with the help of store credit. Cardi’s Credit Card is also in the market to ease this process, and you can use this credit card in the Cardi’s Furniture Stores. And in return, you will get a lot of benefits and facilities. But to avail of all the benefits of Cardi’s store, you must have a Cardi’s Credit Card, and having an account on the Synchrony website is compulsory.

First, you must visit the official website, find the login button, click on it, land on a new page, then click on the “I want to register” option.

cardis credit card

The online registration form will open, and you must add your account number, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Just click on the “Continue” button, complete the form, and then create your desired username and password for the first time you log in. 

cardis furniture credit card

And in the last step, you must confirm your email via text message.

After successfully creating your username and password, go back to the login page, enter the login details, and get the login to your account. For making any payment, find the “make a payment” option.

cardis credit card

Enter the correct details of the recipient of the current account you will pay each month. You can also enable auto payment to avoid any late fees.

Please check all the details before making the final payment. 

Payment by Mail

You can also send checks or money orders to Synchrony Financial, PO Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. Ensure the Cardi’s Furniture Credit Card account number is on the check for further proceedings. 

You should avoid payments via mail because sometimes the mail gets delayed, and you are charged a fine. If you want to send it, you should send it before the due date of the payment. 

Payment by phone

You can pay Cardi’s bill via Cardi’s customer service number 1-866-419-4096. Remember that for this service you need to pay some extra money. The customer service agent will tell you the right amount, and you can pay over the phone.

Where can I use my cardis credit card?

You can use Cardi’s credit card at Cardi’s Furniture Stores.

What is cardi’s credit card customer service phone number?

Cardi’s customer service number 1-866-419-4096

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