Coast to Coast Credit Card – Offers & Benefits

Coast to Coast Credit Card: When discussing smart money management, credit cards play an important role. This one card is getting a lot of attention. The name of this credit card is Coast to Coast Credit Card. So what is special about this credit? Let’s find it out.

The Coast to Coast Credit Card is specially designed to give reward points to those who used to do frequent traveling – from loading up on outdoor, boating, camping, gas at the destination, campground expenses, and everything required for camping. Good Sam is the only reward program that offers you additional reward points on your purchases at these selected brands:

  1. Camping World R.V. & Outdoors
  2. Good Sam
  3. Gander RV & Outdoors
  4. Overton’s

The Coast to Coast Credit Card also offers 3 reward points for $1 spent at private campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada and at gas stations. In addition to this $1 reward point, you will get it wherever a visa card is accepted.

The Coast to Coast Credit Card – What’s It All About?

The Cost-to-Cost Credit Card is an awesome way to manage your finances efficiently. It works on all types of expenses, whether you are traveling, shopping online, or purchasing items outside.

If you want an exclusive Coast to Coast visa credit card offer, you must enroll in the Good Sam Rewards program. If you are shopping in a specific category, the reward points and earnings will be given if the right merchant code is used at the time of purchase in the particular category; if the category is eligible for the offer, you will get the rewards.

Every merchant has a unique offer code, which a third party gives, indicating the merchant’s business area. At the same time, Comenity Capital Bank doesn’t have any authority to control the merchant codes.

And the Comenity Capital Bank issues all the reward programs, and the tems of this Bank can change at any time. To check the full rewards terms and conditions, visit this link

Coast to Coast Visa Credit Card Benefits

• No Annual Fee 

• Auto Pay Capability 

• 30 Extra Days For Returns

5 on purchases at our family of brands made with the card

At the time of activation of the credit card, you will get introductory A.P.R. rates in the intro offer. After the introductory offer ends, the variable purchase A.P.R. will be applied to the remaining balance. The balance transfer A.P.R. is 26.99%, and the cash advance variable A.P.R. is 25.99%.

If you want to transfer the balance, the fee of the greater is $10 for 5% of the transfer. In contrast, a cash advance fee of greater than 10 dollars or 5% of the advance will be charged. If you make any foreign transaction with the help of a Coast to Coast credit card, a fixed charge of 3% will be applied to the transaction in U.S. dollars. The minimum interest charge of $2 per credit plan will be applied in any billing period your interest is due.

Coast to Coast Visa Credit Card Benefits

Reward Points of Coast to Coast Credit Card

If you spend $1 at select gas stations & private compounds, you will get 6 points and 2 points on other categories wherever Visa is accepted. These offers exclude Coast to Coast Credit Card holders enrolled in the Good Sam Rewards program. There is a cap regarding points, and you can earn a maximum of 2,000 reward points.

Good Sam Coast to Coast Credit Card

You will get 0% introductory A.P.R. for starting 6 months on all purchases you make with the help of the Good Sam Rewards Visa Credit Card at Coast to Coast properties. After the offer, a variable A.P.R. of 24.99% to 13.99% will be charged.

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Double Points

If you made any purchase from the other brands outside Coast to Coast for the first 90 days, then you will get 2,000 points, and the value of these points will be $25.

How Reward Points Can Go!

With redemptions starting at just 1,500 points, here are a few examples of your reward options:

  1. 1,500 Points: $ 10 Retail or Restaurant Gift Cards, $ 10 Gas Cards, Plus More. 
  2. 2,000 Points: $ 15 Camping World/Gander RV & Outdoors/Overton’s Gift Card, Plus More 
  3. 6,000 Points: 5,000 Coast to Coast Trip Points, $ 50 Retail, Restaurant or Gas Gift Card, $ 50 Camping World/Gander RV & Outdoors/Overton’s Gift Card (only 5,000 points!), Plus More 
  4. 10,000 Points: 10,000 Coast to Coast Trip Points, 1 Year Good Sam Standard Roadside Assistance Membership, $ 100 Retail, Restaurant, or Gas Gift Card, $ 75 Cash Back as Statement Credit.
  5. Plus More Plus: Redeem rewards points for cash back as a statement credit starting at just 5,000 points! 

When you use your card, you will: 

  1. Receive 5 Rewards Points: per $1 spent on membership renewals, Coast Trip Point purchases, and purchases at Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors.
  2. Receive 3 Rewards Points: For every $1 spent at private campgrounds & gas stations, Coast Resorts, and Good Neighbor Parks in the U.S. and Canada.
  3. Receive 1 Rewards Point: Visa is accepted per $1 spent elsewhere.

Coast to Coast Credit card offers

Comenity Capital Bank generally issues coast to Coast Credit Card Accounts. This Bank has a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. As you know that Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Services under this license. So you can use this credit card without any hesitation. 

Getting Your Coast-to-Coast Credit Card

If you want to get Coast to Coast Credit Card, then you can apply from the Bank’s official website, and you will follow the steps to get the credit card on the official website.

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Wrapping Up

The Coast to Coast credit card is an awesome rewards credit card. You will benefit from traveling, online shopping, and many other categories. It’s all in one credit card that fits in today’s world for everyone.

But remember, the amount you use from the credit card needs to pay back to the Bank. So, you have to use it wisely. Otherwise, you can be in debt. And make sure to pay back the amount you spend on your products, so your credit score will be good.

Ultimately, the Coast to Coast credit card is a sinner credit card. If you love traveling and shopping or want a credit card that fits your needs, this credit card is your new friend.

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