6 Best Credit Card for Truck Drivers

Credit card for truck drivers: If you are a truck driver, you must do long drives, and in this long duration, you must do some expenses like fuel, food, tire replacement, etc. And every expense during the traveling makes your profit less. That’s why some companies and bank launch credit card for Truckers to cover their regular expenses, and the drivers can also earn reward points and cash back. 

Benefits of Fuel Credit Cards for Truck Drivers

Here are some major benefits of using a Truck Credit Card for regular expenses:

If you are traveling and it’s not upon you, reduce the expenses because the truck expenses are uncertain, and you must spend money to repair the truck instrument. So, why not have a good truck credit card to manage all the truck expenses? In return, you will get good rewards and cash back. Some credit cards also offer 0% intro APR so you can do larger expenses. You can easily track all the truck credit card expenses via the mobile app or official website. 

Fuel Credit Cards for Truckers

With the help of a fuel credit card, you can get huge discounts on gas stations and good discounts on each gallon of fuel. If you have a truck business company, these Truck Credit Cards can help you a lot and save a good amount on fuel expenses. Some credit cards are specially designed for truckers to offer discounts at their partnered fuel stations nationwide. 

For Truck fuel management, gas credit cards are the best option – you will get cash back or rewards points if you use the gas card at gas stations. In this article, we will discuss different useful credit card types, so keep in mind that few fuel card companies only allow you to keep using the credit card for in-network purchases or specific brand gas stations. This can sometimes irritate you, so select any credit card you need.

If you are the owner of the Truck business, then you can set credit card limits, and you can give them to the truck drivers, and they can use the credit card balance in the decided limit. Thus you can achieve the spending limits of your employee’s cards. You can check the real-time expenses in your app and get real-time updates on fuel expenses and savings. 

Best Credit Card for Truck Drivers Who Want Cash Back

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi

Citi gives the Costco Anywhere Visa Card with Zero annual fees; here are the major benefits:

  • You will get up to 4% cashback at partnered gas and EV charging stations if you spend $7000 in the first year; afterward, 1% cashback will be given.
  • Get 3% cash back on Travel & Restaurants.
  • Get 2% cash back at Costco.com.
  • You will also get a purchase protection.
  • Zero Foreign Markup Fee
  • Zero Annual Fee if you take Costo Membership

The American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card

  • If you spend $50,000 per year, you will get 2% cashback, and then 1% cashback will be given.
  • Get 0% intro APR for up to 12 months on your purchases. Afterward, 18.24% – 26.24% variable APR will be charged. 
  • Zero Annual Fees

The Americal Express Blue Business Cash Credit Card offers good reward points at no annual fee.

The American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card

This zero annual fee credit card gives you a flat 2% cashback on the selected categories if you spend $50,000 each year; after that, 1% cash back will be given.

If you want to make a heavy purchase, the Card gives you extra buying power, which means you can use your credit card amount above the limit.

Best Credit Card for Truck Drivers With No Fees

The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express

  • If you make a $50,000 purchase in the first year, you will get 2 points per dollar spent; afterward, 1x reward points will be given.
  • For the first 12 months, 0% intro APR will be charged on your purchases. Afterward, an 18.24% – 26.24% Variable APR will be charged.
  • Zero annual fee

American Express issues the Blue Business Plus Credit Card, which has fantastic features with no annual fee. You will get 2x Membership Reward Points if you spend $50,000 annually. Afterward, 1 reward point will be given to selected categories.

The Card allows you to use the Membership Rewards at 18 airlines and partnered hotels. You will also get several offers while traveling in business class.

With the help of this credit card, you can easily track your business spending, and you can easily analyze your expenses, and take further action.

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Capital One Spark Miles for Business

  • As a welcome benefit, if you spend $4,500 in the starting 3 months, you will get 50,000 miles, a one-time bonus equal to $500.
  • Book hotels and rental card Capital One Travel and get 5x miles.
  • Get 2x Miles on your every purchase.
  • With the help of Capital One Card, you will get Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Credit.
  • Zero Foreign Markup Fee
  • The Card has zero annual fees, and you will be charged $95 the next year.
Capital One Spark Miles for Business

If you are a small business owner, you must opt for this Capital One Spart Miles Credit Card because the Card offers you good travel benefits.

Booking your hotels and travel tickets with Capital One Card allows you to earn unlimited 5x miles. You will also get 2 miles per dollar spent on your purchases. These collected miles can be transferred to Capital One’s airline and partnered hotels.

The Spark Miles will also give you a statement credit for the Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application, and the Card comes with zero foreign markup fee.

U.S. Bank Altitude® Connect Visa Signature® Card

  • If you spend $2,000 on selected categories in the first 120 days, then you will get 50,000 points.
  • Get 5x Reward Points at partnered brands of Hotels and Rental Cars Bookings.
  • Get 4x reward points at Gas, Travel, and EV Charging Stations
  • For Global Entry/TSA PreCheck, get a streaming credit of $30 every year.
  • Get Phone Insurance coverage
  • Zero annual fees for the first year and then $95 from the next year.
U.S. Bank Altitude® Connect Visa Signature® Card

The U.S. Bank Altitude Connect Visa Signature Credit Card offers awesome 4x reward points on Travel, Gas Stations, and EV Charging stations.

  • This credit card gives you 2x reward points at grocery stores, dining, streaming services, and grocery delivery. 
  • With the help of this credit card, you will get a $30 annual streaming bonus, Global Entry, or TSA PreCheck.

Citi Rewards+® Card

With the help of the Citi Rewards+ Credit Card, if you spend $15,000 in the first 3 months of account opening, you will get a bonus of 25,000 points. You can also avail a good offer and earn 5 TankYou Points per dollar spent on car rental, hotel, and other things booked on the Citi Travel Portal by June 30, 2024.

Citi Rewards+® Card
  • Get round up to the nearest 10 points on your every purchase.
  • For a Limited Time, earn 5 ThankYou Points per $1 spent on Hotel, Car Rentals, and Attractions (excluding air travel) booked on the Citi Travel Portal through June 30, 2024.
  • Earn 2x reward points at gas stations and supermarkets.
  • Zero annual fee

The Citi Rewards Credit Card comes with zero annual fees and gives 2x points at grocery stores and gas stations, up to $6,000 per year. After that, 1 point per dollar spent.

If you redeem your collected 100,000 points each year, then you will get 10% back.

Best Credit Card for Truck Drivers with Low Credit

Discover it Secured Card

Suppose you are still searching for a good trucker credit card and are stuck with your low credit score. Then don’t worry. You can apply for Discover it Secured Card. You can easily get this credit card, even with a low credit score.

If your credit score is in the range of 500 – 600, then you can apply for the Discover it Secured Card. The lowest credit line is $200; this credit line depends on the security amount you deposit.

Discover it Secured Card

Discover It Secured Card does not charge any annual fee. And the regular APR rate is 22.99%, which is too low compared to other secured credit cards.

This credit card also offers higher cash back than the most secured credit card that considers the user’s low or average credit. You can get 2% cash back at restaurants and gas stations, with a capping of $1000 each quarter. While on all other purchases, you will get unlimited 1% cash back.

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Fuel Cards versus Credit Cards

If you are a truck business owner or a truck driver, you aim to take a credit card that gives maximum benefit on fuel. Because most truckers use fuel credit cards to refill their fuel tank at gas stations. Fuel or Fleet credit cards are different from normal credit cards. Small truck business owners use fuel credit cards for high gas expenses. Generally, the truck business owner distributes the fuel card to his drivers so that the sayings can be done with the help of fleet credit cards. Nearly 10,000 gas stations in the U.S.A. accept fleet cards, and the drivers will be able to find fuel stations on the trip easily.

Fuel cards are very easy to use, and the truck owner can easily track all the fuel expenses with the help of a mobile app, like the amount used for fuel every month and how many times the employees are using the credit card to refill the fuel in the truck.

Fleet credit card typically offers cashback offers or discounts on all fuel expenses. You will also get other offers like discounts at tire stores and other parts stores.

If you are a truck business owner searching for a good fuel credit card, you can consider any one credit card that suits your needs best. With the help of fuel credit cards, truck business owners can save money and easily pay employees’ expenses by saving on fuel costs, which helps track their truck business expenses.

If you own a single truck and search for good credit, you have many choices. You can choose rewards, cashback, and zero annual fee credit cards. You have a lot of choices to opt for the best credit card.

What are the major benefits of Truck Fuel Credit Cards?

While other credit cards charge very high APR, you have to pay the lowest APR if we talk about the fuel credit card. 
If you have a fuel credit card and need a business credit card for personal expenses, you can go with credit cards offering higher reward points. 
If you are choosing a rewards credit card, check all the things of the credit card like annual fee, purchase APR and other things.

How to get a fuel credit card for truckers?

Whether you’re an owner-operator or the small business owner of a trucking company with multiple trucks, it’s important to remember that you will likely need to qualify, at least in part, based on your credit history. (Some fleet cards will base a decision on business credit for well-established trucking businesses.)

If you are a truck business owner or a truck driver of a company, it is compulsory to fulfill all the basic needs of a credit card application. The most important point is your credit.

How to apply for Fuel Credit Card for Truckers?

To apply for a fuel credit card, you need to visit the credit card’s official website. Find a credit card section and click on the apply link. Then an online application form will open, and you must fill in all your basic details like full name, EIN, and TIN. Then submit your online application form and wait for the approval of the credit card. 

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