DCU Credit Card – APR, Reviews, Benefits

DCU Credit Card credit card does not offer many benefits, but this credit card offers low APR, which is 13.25% to 18% variable APR on your purchases and balance transfer. Carrying a balance with a credit card is not generally recommended, but for those who qualify for the low and of this range, the credit card is a better option for them with two-digit interest charges. If you want to get a DCU Visa Platinum credit card, you need to be a member of DCU.


The best thing about the DCU Visa Platinum credit card is the very low variable APR range of 13.25% – 18% variable APR. Compared to other credit cards, this APR is very low and very helpful for people who buy their regular items and regularly carry on a balance in credit cards. And you will be Amazed that this Credit Card has no annual charge fee, no balance transfer fee, no current transaction fees, and no cash and advance fees. But remember that this credit card charges a $35 late fee per occurrence.

DCU Credit Card

This credit card lacks rewards and other perks generally offered by other Precautions in the market. While other credit cards come with high Annual fees and APR ranges, this week is a more expensive choice for you than a Visa credit card.

One of the biggest drawbacks of DCC Platinum Visa credit cards is that it is only available for DCU members, so first, you need to get a CU membership. Then you can apply for this credit card. If you want to become ad DCU member, then you must have some connection with Credit Union. All the family members, employers, community, and associations are residents in a particular geographic area. All these need to qualify, but still, they are many options based on a new hemisphere or Massachusechusetts.

DCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Benefits

  • Online Banking: You can access all the information related to your account and get important alerts and offers on your phone.
  • 0$ Foreign Transaction Fee: If you purchase abroad, you don’t have to pay extra.
  • Overdraft Protection: You will also get overdraft protection with DCU Credit Card. 
  • Basic Visa Benefits: This is a Visa Platinum Credit Card, and you will get some extra benefits like 24/7 access to a Visa representative and zero credit card lost liability.
Pros (DCU Credit Card Benefits)Cons
Very Low APRNo rewards 
No annual feeNo DCU Credit Card cash back program
No cash advance or balance transfer feeNo 0% APR introductory period
No foreign transaction fee
Overdraft protection for DCU checking account
No over-limit fee.

Current Welcome Bonus

The DCU Visa Platinum credit card does not offer any welcome bonus. Most people take this credit card just for its low-interest rate.

Other Cardholder Perks

You’re mistaken if you think you will get reward points for your spending. Despite this, you will get extra benefits like no annual fee and no balance transfer fee or cash advances.

DCU Credit Card Credit Score

You must have a Good/Excellent credit score to get this credit card.

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DCU Credit Card APR

The biggest advantage of the DCR Visa Platinum Credit Card is its very low APR.

The cash advance APR and regular APR are both very low. If you are making transactions on your foreign trips, then you will charge a 2% extra foreign transaction fee, and the foreign transaction fee is lower than the average. The DCR platinum credit card charges a standard late fee of 35$.

No annual fee

The credit card comes with 0 annual fee. You don’t have to pay a simple dollar.

Mobile Wallet Compatible

The DCU Credit Card is also compatible with famous mobile wallets like Apply Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This will help you to make your purchases very easily.

Fraud protection

An inbuilt EMV chip is integrated into the DCU Credit Card; this will help to protect your personal information and limit your chances of fraud.

Overdraft protection

You will also get overdraft protection with the DCU Credit Card. If you have a DCU account, then the balance of any overdraft will be automatically transferred from your DCU account to your DCU Credit Card. The amount depends on your credit card limit. 

Low fees and penalties

The DCU Credit Card does not charge any annual fee or cash advances, balance transfer, and foreign transaction fee. Also, you don’t have to pay returned payments; no fees are over the limit. At the same time, other banks charge an amount for over-limit use. And there are no minimum interest charges.

If you miss your credit card bill payment, you will lose the low-interest rate and have to pay 18% APR charges. And you know that this is the lowest penalty rate compared to any other company’s credit card.

Rates and DCU Credit Card Balance Transfer

There might be some other credit cards with a $0 annual fee, but they charge high amounts for other services. The DCM Credit Card offers a $0 foreign transaction fee, no over-limit fee, and no charges on cash advances or balance transfers.

Note: The DCU Credit Card doe’s not offered a 0% introductory APR in the starting period. 

The DCU Credit Card offers a low APY of 8.5% for cash advances, balance transfers, and purchases. If you regularly carry a balance on a credit card and want to save interest on monthly payments, the DCU credit card will be a great option.

And keep in mind that the late payment fee is $35 per occurrence.

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DCU Credit Union cd rates

DCU Credit Card offers competitive CD and IRA CD rates. If you want the best CD rates, then you must deposit $25k minimum. The best 2 deals and a 2.86% APY 5-Year-old CD and a 1.36% APR. Without a relationship checkup, the rates are 25 basis points low.

DCU Visa Platinum Credit Card vs. Other low-interest credit Cards

If you aim to save money and pay no interest on your expenses, you must use other credit cards because some offer low APR compared to DCU Credit Cards. First, you must check the introductory APR offer on the credit card and reward points like City Double Cash Credit Card and City Rewards Credit Card. Yes, these credit cards offer higher APR after the introductory APR and come with other benefits like reward points on your every spend. These 2 credit cards don’t charge any annual fee. So, you don’t have to consider the credit card maintenance and renewal fees. 

The Basics of Building Credit Score

With the help of a credit card, you borrow some money and repay it at a particular time. And with this, your credit history builds slowly. The credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion track your history and generate your credit reports. And this credit report is used by different financial institutions and companies to check your trustworthiness as a borrower. If your credit score is good, you will easily get approval for loans with low-interest rates. With the help of a good credit score, you can easily purchase whatever you wish.

Note: A good credit score is vital to a good financial life. And yes, this is possible if you pay your credit bills on time and maintain a good repayment history.

DCU Credit Card Activation Phone Number

You can contact DCU through email, phone, or live help.

CALL: 800.328.8797

MAIL: 220 Donald Lynch Boulevard, PO Box 9130, Marlborough, MA 01752-9130

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