Dot Card Review – Comparison of DOT, Popl, V1ce

Dot Card Review: If you are wondering whether the Dot Credit Card is good or bad and what are the major benefits and features of Dot Credit Card then in this article, we are going to discuss all the things related to Dot Credit Card. 

Overview of Dot Business Cards

Dot Business Credit Card is a modern business credit card whose networking is next level. 

In today’s highly digital world, opting for tech-oriented products is very important, and the Dot business credit card is one of them. Dot is an advanced version of traditional business credit cards and easily allows you to share contact information such as company name, phone number, email address, job title, site URL, and all the social media links.

With the help of a Dot credit card, you can create your profile very interestingly by using catchy images and adding videos to increase your profile engagement. After creating your good profile, you can share it on social media platforms or with your email subscribers.

So, we will discuss Digital Business Cards like Digital, NFC, and Electronic Business cards and which one you should opt for for your business.

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Major Benefits of Dot Card 

Here are some strong benefits that will help you to choose the right credit card. And this will help you to gain new clients and do business in the right way. 

  • If one person has a Dot Credit Credit, others can easily connect with the first person.
  • No need to take hundreds of credit cards for your employees; you need a single credit card, and Dot provides you with an analytics dashboard. With the help of a dashboard, you can manage your credit card network more efficiently.
  • NFC technology came in 2014, and this technology is mostly used in the iPhone and smartphones
  • Dot Credit Card does not require any app to use it. You need to set it up once; you just need an internet connection and a browser, and you can use it very easily.
  • If you want to change your Dot profile, you can do it easily via an online browser. While in traditional business credit cards, you must order a new card with new changes.

The best thing about the Dot Credit Card

Yes, Dot business credit cards are super flexible. You can make changes in a few clicks, and everybody will get the updated profile automatically. And you can also add your professional certifications and awards that make your profile stronger.

You must have a dot business credit card to grow your network and smartly promote your business. And a good network means good net worth. With the help of the dot profile, you will get new clients, and your employees will be friendly with the dot credit card in a few months. And overall, it will improve your business profile.

Steps to Get a Dot Business Credit Card

You can easily get the Dot Business Credit Card; for this, you have to visit the official website of Dot and create a profile. After doing this, you can change and add new images and videos to your profile. 

1. You can easily select your desired colors and designs from the official website and order them to your address.

2. If you receive your Dot credit card, you have to scan the card with your smartphone and create a good profile. 

3. You can interestingly create your profile by adding all your business information, like your phone number, full name, social media links, business website, etc.

4. You can also add your company logo to your profile so the viewers remember your business, and it will add professionalism to your profile. And a lot of other things you can do in the Dot profile section.


  • There is no subscription system; you have to pay only one time.
  • Very easy and flexible to use the dot credit card
  • No need to install any app


  • No tracking capabilities
  • No real-time tracking facility
  • No integration with other software, team management

What is the one-time fee for a Dot Business Credit Card?

There are also custom options available from $55

And you will also get some custom options ranging from $20 to $75.

App IncludedYesYes
App InludedNoYes
Customization of CardYesYes
Low PriceYesNo
CRM IntegrationsNoYes
QR Code IncludedYesYes

Alternatives of Dot Business Credit Card

You can also check other credit cards that are competitors of Dot Credit Card. Also, you can compare the benefits and features of the credit cards.

Here I am comparing the credit cards and an in-depth analysis. 

Undoubtedly, Dot is a good credit card, and you must also check other credit cards. You might love the credit cards more, and best fits your profile.

Dot Card Review


Popl credit cards have more features than Dot business credit cards, like editing videos, changing music, resumes, etc. In Popl, you will also get analytics and scans of your expenses. But Popl charges a little higher amount for these extra benefits than the Dot card. Popl is a famous brand, so your profile becomes more brandable and noticeable, while you don’t have this type of popularity in the market.  


If you want a stunning design credit card, you can use a V1ce credit card. The looking of the VICE credit card is superfine!

This card doesn’t require any subscription plan or app, making the VICE card more valuable and savvy. You can get the V1CE credit card anywhere in the country, and it also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, which will encourage you to apply once.

Dot Card Review

After analyzing all the credit cards, Dot business cards are more savvy than Popl. In Dot, you can create your digital profile free of cost and make changes as required.  

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Dot Business Credit Cards help the business to grow its network and get new clients. You can quickly share your business profile with clients and on your social media channels. Dot is a great way to promote your business and create a good network. With the help of a Dot credit card, you can also build your credit and improve your credibility. So, you must take Dot Business Credit Card. 

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