Hollister Credit Card Review

Hollister issues this credit card, and if you want to know all the details of the Hollister Credit Card, then you must read this article. We are going to discuss all the things related to the Hollister Credit Card. So, keep reading on.

This credit card deals with teenage fashion and carefree styling. If you are a regular buyer of fashion items and new styling outfits, Hollister Credit Card can greatly help you. 

Pros & Cons Of Hollister Credit Card


You will get advanced identity theft protection.


  • There is no signup bonus by the Hollister.
  • You will not get rewards on your every purchase.
  • Reards are limited
  • Hollister does not report to all credit bureaus.
  • You will only get some of the major benefits of a credit card.

Hollister Credit Card

Does Hollister offer a store credit card?

Yes, Hollister gives a store credit card. If you make any return after the 60-day return period, you will get your return value on your merchandise credit card.

If you purchase the item online, you will get it in the form of an e-gift, and this will be directly emailed to your registered address.

These types of credit cards are different from the store credit card. In comparison, you cannot reload your merchandise credit card or use it again after the values have been utilized.

You can only use the merchandise credit card at Hollister, A&F, and A&F kids’ stores. And the location of the stores should be in the US and Puerto Rico only.

What is the expiry date of Hollister Gift Cards?

The Good thing is there is no expiry of Hollister Gift Cards. You can use your gift cards whenever you want in the future.

You can easily purchase a physical gift card or an e-gift card online from the official website of Hollister. You can easily redeem these gift cards at Hollister stores and online stores.

Generally, gift cards are purchased for quick use, and you can buy the gift card and send it to your friend.

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How to check the balance of my Hollister gift card?

To check the balance of your Hollister gift card, you have to visit the official website. On the official website, click on the men’s or women’s menu, and click on the gift card section.

Then you have to click the check balance button, a new webpage will open, and you have to enter your basic details like card number, pin, etc.

The PIN is optional for e-gift cards, and you have to enter the rest of the details and click on the “Check Your Balance” button to check your gift card balance.

Hollister Credit Card

What are the payment options for Hollister Credit Card?

There are different payment methods, like credit cards, debit cards, prepaid debit cards, e-gift cards, and gift cards.

You can pay through Visa or Mastercard to pay Hollister Credit Card.

The credit cards you can like Discover, JCB, AstraPay, Qiwi, Webmoney, American Express, and Ynadex in USD.

You can pay in USD or EUR via a SafetyPay card, and Poli is available only in USD, NZD, and AUD.

Paypal is also a great option to pay Hollister card. You can pay in any currency via PayPal. 

Paylater options are also available, like Zip and Klarna, at Hollister stores.

Final Thoughts

The teenage market is too big in the united states due to this market being very competitive. Old brands like Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch are out of the market.

Now new players like SHEIN, Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, Nike, and American Eagle are ruling the market.

Most brands have their store cards, Abercrombie and American Eagle. 

It’s totally up to you which type of credit card you need. Because every person has different types of needs and lifestyles, so, you should choose as per your need.

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Is there any cashback or rewards program on Hollister Credit Card?

Hollister Credit Card does not offer any rewards program.

What is the intro APR offer on balance transfer from Hollister Credit card?

No, there is no intro offer on balance transfer from Hollister.

What is the intro APR on new purchases from Hollister?

There is no intro APR on new purchases from Hollister.

What are the annual fees for Hollister Credit Card?

Hollister’s credit card is free of cost. There is no annual fee.

Does Hollister have a customer service number?

The customer service number of Hollister is (925) 359-2568.

What is the official contact email of Hollister Credit Card?

The official support email is store_service@hollisterco.com.

What is the official website of Hollister Credit Card?

The official website of Hollister Credit Card is Hollisterco.com.

How to apply for Hollister Credit Card?

First, you have to visit the official website called Hollisterco.com
Then find the credit card section
And click on the apply button
A new application form will open, and you have to fill in all the basic details in the form.
Review your details in the application form, click on the terms and conditions check box, and submit the application.
You will get the response in a few days and must wait.
After the successful approval, the credit card will be mailed to your registered address.
Finally, you can activate your credit card and start shopping.

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