New York and Company Credit Card Reviews

New York and Company Credit Card: The New York & Company was originally founded by Samuel Learner and her Harlod Lane in 1918. At that time, the company’s main work was blouse manufacturers, and New York and Company started its journey in 1995. These days, the company is most likely to be known for clothing and accessories. Especially for women, the retailers also offered a selection of lounge and activewear. The New York & Company has almost 500 stores in the country, and people buy from these stores.

The average price of a suit in starting is $50, so it is harder for people to purchase and keep it in their wardrobe. The New York & Company products price is high. So only some persons used the RunWayRewards credit card to start saving and rewards on their purchases from Newyork & Company. Most people enjoy rewards, but the main issue is the RunWayRewards credit card’s high APR. So few customers have stopped using Runway rewards credit cards.

New York & Company Card Overall Rating: 3.5/5.0

The credit card charges 27.24% APR, and the RunWayRewards credit card is not designed for those who want to carry a balance. This credit card is best for a few people as they get a real draw for most of their shopping. The credit card offers a $10 reward on $200 spent on the RunWayRewards Credit Card fair reward rate. People are getting a 5% reward rate on purchasing, but the real saving can be done from premier status.

It is a bad idea if you want to carry a balance on your card. To get premier status, you must maintain a $400 annual requirement. And if you get premier status, you can get double reward points. You will earn $20 for every $200 spent on your purchases; that is a great 10% Return. You can also get the New York & Company Credit Card rewards bonus using coupons for extra savings.

The runWayRewards credit card gives you cashback and rewards on your purchases, but when it comes to other benefits, it will also give you special birthday offers every year. The major drawback is each per comes with a fine print. This means to earn a birthday reward, you have to make some purchases within the last 12 months; otherwise, you will not get birthday rewards.

With this, you also don’t get free shipping on your shopping trip. You will get free shipping to the store and free online shipping only on selected days. If you are a Plus Premier member, you will get access to special cardholder events and exclusive offers. All these things you will receive in the New York And Company Credit Card monthly style guide.

New York And Company Credit Card Pre Approval

The approval requirements for the New York and company credit cards have yet to be officially available. But as per experience, your credit score should be at least 640 then you can get this credit card approval. The RUNWAYREWARDS Credit Card is easier to get approval for than New York And Company Credit Card, but you also need a fair credit score.

New York And Company Credit Card Apply

Getting approval for RunWayRewards Credit Card is quite simple. You can get approval easily but still have a fair credit score and good repayment history.

Better Cards to Use at New York & Company

Most people keep New York And company-label products in their wardrobe because they get decent reward points with the help of a RunWayRewards credit card. And no other credit card can beat the reward rate of the RunWayRewards Credit Card. You can use the RunWayRewards credit card, and it’s a reward for purchasing on New York and Company. So you will get double the benefit by using the credit card and reward points to make your purchases.

If you spend less with New York And Company Credit Card every year, your premier status will be down. If you can’t pay high APR on your purchases, you should avoid this credit card because you get limited savings and rewards.

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Cash Back

Cashback credit cards are a great fit if you want to save on every purchase. These types of credit cards will give you simple reward points that can be easily redeemed at the time of credit card statement. The value of the reward points is different. You won’t get the same reward point as in the RunWayRewards Credit Card, and you can easily earn and use your rewards anywhere your card is accepted.

New York And Company Credit Card Application

If you want to get New York And Company Credit Card, first you must check the credit card approval, and then you can apply for the credit card from the official website. Before applying for a credit card, prepare the required documents and general financial information like SSN, address, and annual income. After the credit card approval, you will receive your account information and enjoy all the benefits of the RUNWAYREWARDS Credit Card.

1. Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card

New York and Company Credit Card
  • As a welcome bonus, you can get a $200 online cash reward if you spend at least $1000 purchase in the starting 90 days of card activation.
  • You can earn 3% cashback on selected categories and 2% cashback at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 1% on all other categories.
  • If you take a Preferred Rewards membership, you can earn 25% to 75% more cashback on every purchase. This can help you to earn 3.75% to 5.25% cashback on your expenses in your chosen category.
  • There is no Annual fees or no expiry date for your reward points.
  • There will be a 0% introductory APR for 18-month billing cycles on your purchases, and if you made a balance transfer in the starting 60 days, then APR will be 0%. After this offer, the chargeable APR will be 17.99% to 27.99%, which is variable. A 3% fee will be applied if you make a balance transfer.
  • Contactless Payments: This credit card is integrated with a Security Chip Card. With this chip, you can easily make payments on a single tap.

0% APR

The APR of this credit card is competitive compared to other store credit cards; the apr is 27.24% which the RunWayReawrds Credit Card charges. When you make any more expensive purchase, interest is added. Bank of America credit card comes within introductory 0% APR which will reduce the interest rate by 0% for the starting 18 months, which is quite good. And these credit cards can be used anywhere, including New York And Company Credit Card.

2. BankAmericard® credit card

New York and Company Credit Card
  • With this credit card, you will get 0% introductory APR for the starting 21 months of your purchases, which applies to the balance transfer in the first 60 days. After the APR offer ends, a 15.99% to 25.99% variable APR will be applied. At the same time, 3% free will be applied to the balance transfer.
  • There is no annual fee for this credit card.
  • The best thing about this credit card is no penalty APR is there. If you pay late, there will be no extra interest rate (APR). In contrast, other credit cards charge extra interest rates.
  • You can check your FICO® score free of cost with the help of online banking or with your mobile banking app.
  • Yes, this credit card is inbuilt with a chip card; this will help you make contactless payments in a single tap.

Travel Rewards

If you are a regular Traveller and want a special reward point that can be converted into travel reward points and used during travel ticket booking, then the BankAmericard® credit card will be best for you. While you shop in New York & Company with this credit card, you will get good travel rewards, and you can earn points for your miles on every blouse and pair of Slacks. So you will get free vacation tickets for your dream journey.

3. Discover it® Miles

New York and Company Credit Card
  • Discover credit card will give you unlimited bonus reward points on your purchases, and you can convert all reward points into miles at the end of your first year. For example, if you earn 50000 miles, you will get 100000 miles. There are no extra obligations of signup fee, no minimum spending limit, or maximum rewards. You will get just miles for miles match.
  • Reward Points: On every purchase, you will get unlimited 1.5x miles on $1 spent.
  • You can redeem miles to pay your Credit Card monthly bill statements; you can also pay your minimum due payments.
  • You can convert the reward miles into cash easily at any time, or you can use these miles for travel expenses like airfare, Hotel bookings, ride shares, gas stations, dining, and many more places. You can also keep your miles in your wallet because there is no expiry date for miles.
  •  This credit card offers 0% APR for 15 months on your purchases. After this offer, the credit card will charge 16.99% to 27.99% standard variable purchase APR.
  • Discover credit card also helps you to protect your personal information online. It will help remove the information from selected-people search sites that could sell your information. It is free, and you can easily activate it with the help of a mobile app.

Hundreds of credit cards in the market offer good rewards and low APR. But the only reason to get RunWayRewards Credit Card is if you spend $400 every year, then you will get premium membership, and with this, you can get maximum rewards. If you don’t get this credit card, then their many options available in the market. You can find a better credit card that fulfills your needs based on your financial situation.

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What Others Say About the New York & Company Credit Card

Most reviewers are happy with their New York And Company Credit Card reward points. While some say that reward points are not very special, only some say they have trouble redeeming those rewards in particular stores. While most of the viewers say that this credit card comes with a high APR, leading to high-interest fees for those who carry a balance. But if you spend $400 a year, you can have premier status and get double benefits.

Is the New York & Company Card Right for You?

In the modern business world, only some people can afford the high prices of New York & Company products for their wardrobe. But still, it is important for a smart business wardrobe for many professionals. If you used to purchase your wardrobe items from New York And Company Credit Card and spend enough in a calendar year to reach premier status, then RunWayRewards Credit Card will be a good option for you. 

For those persons who do limited purchases from New York And Company Credit Card, the APR and interest rate on their carried balance leads to high. So for them, RunWarRewards Credit Card will perform poorly against any open-loop credit card with more spending limit and more reasonable APR rates.

New York And Company Credit Card Payment

  • If you want to pay your New York And Company Credit Card monthly bills, log in to your bank account on the New York And Company website and pay the bills. 
  • You can also pay the bill through Comenity EasyPay with simple clicks. 
  • You can pay by mail and send a check or money order to the address on your credit card bill statement. 
  • You can pay by phone or call the number listed on your statement.
  • You can also pay in New York And Company stores.

New York And Company Credit Card Customer Service

If you have any issue related to your credit cards, then you can contact New York & Company service by phone at 1-800-889-0494. And if you cannot connect by your phone number, then you can connect with them through their website contact form.


Per the customer reviews, we rate the RunWayRewards Credit Card a 3.5/5.0. This is because of the high APR of 27.24% on purchases. APR place a major role in credit card rating. It is advisable to use a credit card with a low APR and better rewards, whether shopping at RunWayRewards Credit Card or elsewhere.

It depends on you which credit card fits your profile, and before applying for any credit card, make sure you read all the terms and conditions of that credit card.

How to pay new york and company credit card?

1. If you want to pay your New York And Company Credit Card monthly bills, log in to your bank account on the New York And Company website and pay the bills. 
2. You can also pay the bill through Comenity EasyPay with simple clicks. 
3. You can pay by mail and send a check or money order to the address on your credit card bill statement. 
4. You can pay by phone or call the number listed on your statement.
5. You can also pay in New York And Company stores.

How to cancel new york and company credit card?

You must contact the customer service department to cancel your New York And Company Credit Card. You can easily find the customer card on the backside of the credit card. To cancel your credit card, you must clear your dues and EMIs. You can ask everything about the credit card from the customer and resolve your issue.

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