Ramp Business Card Review

The Ramp Business Card is a special credit card for small business owners, and it is just like a magical card because it offers fantastic cash back on all your spending and provides you with special offers regularly. These benefits are extraordinary from traditional business credit cards. And the most amazing thing is Ramp Business Card doesn’t charge an annual fee. And the annual fees depend on the no of employees you have in the company.

Key features of Ramp Business Card

Card typeSmall Business
Annual fee$0
Sign-up bonusNo
Rewards1.5% on your all purchases
Foreign transaction fee1.5% on all your purchases

You must look for another credit card if you carry a balance for your general travel expenses. And if you want to use the cash back and this will save your company money on your expenses, this Ramp Business Card is the best.


  • There is no annual fee.
  • Best Rewards and cash back
  • There is no need for a personal guarantee or credit check.
  • Get integration facility with other known tools
  • Get full control of your card
  • Get time-to-time notifications and alerts


  • You have to pay the card balance every month.
  • The Ramp Business Card is not for sole proprietors and unincorporated businesses.
EligibilityYou must have at least $75,000 in LLCs or Corporation banks.
Provision Employee CardsYou have full control of the card and set the spending limits.
Bill PayThe card also launched a new bill pay feature, which will help you to manage Ramp spending.
Personal Guarantee RequiredNo need for any personal guarantor required
Expense Tracking and AccountingYou can manage your expenses easily by connecting to advance accounting systems.
Rewards on SpendingGet 1.5% cash back on your expenses.
Business Perks and BenefitsGet $300,000 in exclusive discounts, deals, and the best offers from Ramp Card partners.

General Benefits of Ramp Business Card

No personal guarantee: If Ramp levied any charges on the card, then the founders are not responsible for the changes, which is also a major benefit. Because establishing and running a new startup company is hard. So it is better to separate your business from your expenses.

Cashback on every purchase: You will get a decent cashback of 1.5% on your Ramp Business Cards. You will get 1.5% cash back on all your company Ramp cards. And you can also earn cash of $4,500 every year if you add $25,000 every month to your Ramp cards. A startup business needs to save a single penny amount. 

Expense management tools: Ramp offers a very good cloud-based expense management software; with the help of this software, you can manage your employee’s expenses, review, and track everything. And you can easily find the areas where you can cut expenses and manage smartly.

With the help of this software, you have the facility for unlimited provisions to the virtual card of the employees. You will get real-time reports, send alerts for extra charges, and you can get expenses receipt and match them with the financial accounting systems. You can also set the expense limit; it is variable and could save more money for the company.

High credit limits: To opt for Ramp Business Card, credit is unnecessary because Ramp needs to review your application based on your credit score. The credit card is good for purchasing heavy equipment for the startup.

Slack integration: Most startups use Slack to communicate with their employees; Ramp will help you give alerts and card requests for approvals in Slack. 

Fast setup: The Ramp provides very fast services, and the founders can set up the card in just less than 15 minutes, and as you know, time is very precious for the founders, and this also saves management expenses and provides a fast solution.

No fees The annual fee for a Ramp Business Card is zero. Ramp is a charge card, not a credit card; the bills should be paid monthly. If you pay all the dues on time, you don’t have to pay the interest and fines.

Travel platform: If your employees travel for company tasks, you can set travel policies on the Ramp card, and the limits are automatically applied to the card. You can check the travel policy, which ends after the travel period. 

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Ramp card also offers a variety of discounts with the help of its partnered brands. If you make any shopping with the partnered brands, then you can earn more discounts. The Ramp has more than $350,000 discounts available with the partnered brands. Here we have mentioned some deals which can be useful for your startup:

  • Snapchat: Up to $3,000 in ads credit
  • Xero Accounting Software: 25% off Xero business edition
  • Corporate Traveler: Receive rebates on travel expenditures
  • Rippling HR: 10% off all Rippling products
  • Stripe Payments Processing: $25,000 in fee-free processing

Other benefits of Ramp Business Card

It has a function of self-receipt matching and categorizes the expenses in a well-streamlined accounting function.

  • It has automatic spending and awareness control functions, which help the company employees to spend at the required places.
  • The Ramp has robust forecasting tools and expense management that will help to save money and build cost-cutting opportunities.
  • You will get products at discounted pricing with the partnered brands.

After reading all the special benefits and benefits of the Ramp Business Card, if you are planning to opt for this card, you must read more deeply about the features of the Ramp Business Card.

No personal guarantee required

Generally, the card issuer bank or a company asks for Social Security Number to prove ownership of the startup business. This means that for the business credit card, you guarantee your company’s debt. By doing this, any late payment will be added to your credit report, and if any of your business cards defaults, you can pay the unpaid balance. For any reason, if you don’t pay the card balance, then the card issuer bank will recover the amount in the last month after your home assets to recover some of its losses.

While Ramp Business Card is one of the cards that didn’t ask for a personal guarantee from the startup owner, having a Ramp Card means your finances are safe, and your credit will remain untouched if your startup fails.

Get a high credit limit

Most business card issuers check credit, but Ramp doesn’t check your credit during the application process. And still, Ramp gives you a credit limit based on your startup’s cash balance linked to Ramp.

A ramp gives you the highest credit limit compared to any other business card issuer; you will get almost 30 times higher credit limits. And in the initial phase, any startup needs a fund, and the Ramp Business card helps to invest in the startup and accelerate the growth of the enterprise. You can use the credit limit to purchase new heavy equipment and manage all other company expenses.

Unlimited virtual cards

The most amazing thing is Ramp gives unlimited virtual cards to the employees and adds an extra layer of security against fraud. If a new employee needs a Ramp card to make a new purchase, then Ramp intimates directly to the relevant manager via email or SMS, and the manager takes further action on the request.

The owner of the company or the assigned manager can control the spending limits and how long the virtual card stays active and monitor all the transactions on the virtual card in real time. And the same things you can perform with the physical Ramp card.

Get automatic receipt-matching tools.

Ramp provides robust software that helps to match the receipts automatically. While other business card issuers do not provide this facility because the business can’t properly manage their expense, and it will take time, and manual expense matching can cause mistakes. Ramp quickly collects receipts and allows the user to send them via SMS or email, and then the Ramp does the rest of the work.

You can easily connect Ramp with accounting software like NetSuite and QuickBooks. You can create rules, automate tasks, and categorize expenses and account reconciliation. With the help of this feature, the work process increases significantly and saves a lot of time your company’s time.

Advanced tools to reduce spending

Ramp’s technology analyzes your company’s spending data. It looks for ways to help you save money by eliminating duplicate subscriptions, identifying supplier price increases, or switching payment methods to maximize your cashback earnings. It also provides visibility into spending trends across your entire business, giving you a big-picture view of upcoming payments and helping you forecast spending more accurately over time.

Get 1.5% cash back on your every purchase

The Ramp Business Card offers 1.5% cash back on your every purchase with no capping and restrictions on the cash back. There is no expiry of the rewards, and the Ramp card comes with zero annual fees, which makes this card awesome.

No need to pay interest

As we mentioned earlier that Ramp is not a traditional business credit card, Ramp is a corporate card. In Ramp’s case, you must pay your balance every month. You don’t have to pay any interest for using the Ramp Business Card, which will save a significant amount in your business.

No need to carry a balance

Ramp has 30 days payment policy, and Ramp doesn’t charge any interest according to the 30 days policy. But remember that Ramp never gives you the option to carry a balance. If you are a person that carries a balance, then a Ramp card is not for you. 

It depends on what type of business you are running and at what stage it is, and based on all the circumstances, you have to decide whether Ramp is good for your business.

Advance Features

The Ramp has extraordinary features to run your new business very efficiently. You can integrate Slack, expense management, and vendor management. All these advanced features you will get at free of cost. Ramp says that our card is an “All-In-One-Solution” due to its unique features, zero annual fee, 1.5% cash back on your every purchase, unlimited users and cards, software for finance automation, integration of accounting, automated receipt matching, etc.

If you are not using the Ramp card for travel and lifestyle in your business, then you will miss the benefits and cashback of the card. There is no welcome bonus for the new Ramp cardholders.

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You can set up the Ramp card in less than 15 minutes and increase your business’s overall performance and savings. You will also get advanced savings reports. The overall performance and credibility of Ramp Business Card is very good. You will get all the benefits like cash back and other benefits, but Ramp doe’s not given you the premium benefits offered by the small business credit card in the market.

It is totally up to you and your business requirements: accounting and expense management software with a fantastic cashback system and integration facility with top market tools. Good perks and flexible payment options.

Does Ramp help to manage business expenses?

Yes, Ramp provides automated expense management software so your business gets managed easily.

What is the spending limit of the Ramp Business Card? 

The manager can set the spending limit of the Ramp card for specific employees, and all these limits are fully customizable.

How to track my business expenses on Ramp Business Card?

You will get a dashboard, and you can see all the transactions and expenses made by the Ramp Business Card on the dashboard.

What is the cashback system in Ramp Business Card?

Ramp offers 1.5% cashback on all expenses made by the Ramp card.

Can we integrate Ramp with Quickbooks, Xero, and Netsuite?

Yes, you can easily integrate with Xero, Netsuite, and Quickbooks.

What is the difference between Ramp corporate card and a traditional credit card?

In traditional credit cards, you must carry a balance every month and charge interest. While a Ramp card is a charge card, and you don’t have to carry a balance every month and no need to pay interest.

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