Tireworks Credit Card – Benefits, Features, Review

Let’s talk about the store TireWorks Credit card; the Credit First National Association issues this credit card. This is a unique credit card; generally, beginners who own a car use this TireWorks credit card. Because this credit card is simple and easy to buy car products with the help of this credit card, if you think that TireWorks credit card is good for you, read the full guide to break down everything about the TireWorks credit card. 

Overview of Tireworks Credit Card

Purchase APR  (Variable APR)28.8%
Balance Transfer APR  (Variable APR)N/A
Credit Score Range600 – 850
Annual Fee$0

What is the TireWorks Credit Card?

Tireworks credit card is a unique credit card specially designed for people with many car-related expenses. This is a cobranded credit card launched by Tirworks and a bank. This credit card offers many benefits you can’t avail of with regular credit cards. Here are the key benefits of the Tireworks credit card:

  1. High APRs. This credit card offers a high APY of 28.8%. This is not good for those people who carry cash. 
  2. No annual fee*: This credit card offers very low maintenance. And this is a great option for those who want a free credit card. There is no joining fee and no annual fee.
  3.  Cetter credit score required: You can get a Tireworks credit card with a credit score higher than 600. 

Benefits of the TireWorks Credit Card

TireWorks credit card is a popular credit card because of its special offers and benefits:

  1. Pay Over Time: If you spend some amount with a Tireworks credit card at a car repair store, you can pay the bill in small installments in a few months. Sometimes the card doesn’t charge interest if you pay the bills on time. 
  2. Save Money: You will also get special offers and discounts on tires and other parts of the car; in this way, you can save money.
  3. Easy Payments: You can convert your huge bills into easy EMIs and pay at your convenience.
  4. Use It Everywhere: You can use a Tireworks credit card at all Tireworks stores nationwide.
TireWorks Credit Card

Pros & Cons of Tireworks Credit Card 


  • There is no annual fee for the Tireworks credit card.
  • You can get this credit card with a fair credit score. 
  • This Tireworks credit card reports to multiple credit bureaus.


  • This credit card offers higher APRs.
  • There is no welcome or signup bonus.
  • You will not get a good reward or cashback.
  • You will not get rewards on every purchase.
  • It will only cover some of the benefits of a credit card.

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How to Get the TireWorks Credit Card

If you have a car, you must have a Tireworks credit card. To get this credit card, you must apply online by filling in your details in the online form. Then the bank checks all the details, like your credit history. And if all the details and credit score are ok, you will get your Tireworks credit card. You will get an email confirming the credit card approval, and you will be ready to use.

TireWorks Credit Card

Using the TireWorks Credit Card Wisely

Yes, the Tireworks credit card has a lot of benefits and features, but you have to use the Tireworks credit card very carefully. Try to pay your monthly bills occasionally to avoid extra charges and keep track of what you spend and where you spend so you don’t get into debt. Also, check your credit card statements for any mistakes or unusual transactions.


If you have a car, then a Tireworks credit card will be really helpful for you. It offers many handy benefits and perks that can save you money. Finally, use your credit card carefully to keep your credit score healthy.

Can you use credit card to pay off credit card?

Yes, you can use Yes, you can use a credit card to pay off another credit card dues; this can be done through a balance transfer. But this will cost you some extra charges and a higher interest rate.

Tireworks credit card offer and cash back or reward points?

No, Tireworks credit card offers no cash back or reward points.

What are the benefits of a Tireworks credit card?

Here are the major benefits
This credit card covers Zero fraud liability.
Tireworks credit card reports to major credit bureaus.

What APR offers Tireworks credit cards?

The average APR is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for those accounts that carry a balance, which the Federal Reserve Board issues. This credit card offers an APR of 28.8%, higher than the average APR.

What is the customer care number of the Tireworks credit card?

Tireworks Credit Card customer service number is (800) 321-3950.

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