Tractor Supply Credit Card Application

Tractor Supply Credit Card Application: The Tractor Supply Credit Card comes with zero annual fees, Citi issues the card, and the network of TSC cards is Visa. TSC is a cobranded credit card launched with American retailer Tractor Supply Co. The card offers 5% reward points if you purchase at Tractor Supply stores and 3% back on groceries, vet services, and gas, and 1% cash back on all other expenses.

Overview of Tractor Supply Credit Card

Tractor Supply is one of the largest retail stores in the United States and plays a major role in the home improvement sector.

The Tractor store has different items like equipment for furnaces and lawns. And if you are pamming to visit the Tractor store, keep a sufficient amount in your pocket to buy plenty of items.

The Tractor Supply Credit Card plays a major role while planning home improvement or renovation. At that, you have to spend thousands of dollars, and it is very important to get the products in the best offers and do some savings.

Major Benefits

  • If your first purchase is more than $50, then you can get $50 rewards.
  • Get 5% reward points on your expenses at Tractor stores.
  • Also, you will earn 3% rewards at grocery stores, gas stations, and vet expenses.
  • The Tractor Supply Card comes with zero annual fees.

TSC Visa Card Review

Tractor Supply is a fantastic credit card, and Tractor Supply Co. and City Retail Services offer this card. At major places in the United States, the stores are available, and you can buy anything for your home improvement, garden maintenance, agriculture equipment, pet care items, etc.

Welcome Bonus of Tractor Supply Credit Card

If you successfully opt for the Tractor Supply Credit Card, you can earn $50 rewards if you spend $50 or more on your first purchase. The collected reward points can easily be redeemed at Tractor Supply stores or the website. If you collect 1000 reward points, these will be $10, and you can utilize this $10 to purchase your desired item.

How to Earn Cash Back

Earning reward points is very simple. You need to buy items from the Tractor Supply stores, and on every expense, you will get 5% cashback in the form of reward points.

Majorly there are 3 categories in which you can earn maximum reward points. The first is 5% cash back at Tractor Supply stores; the second gets 3% at grocery stores, vet expenses, and gas stations. The gas and grocery category is the best because most parents use these categories to buy items. Also, the card gives benefits in the veterinary category, which is different from the other normal credit cards.

Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card offers 4% cash back rewards on gas and groceries, which is quite good compared to Tractor Supply Credit Card. But Costco charges a $60 annual fee, while Tractor Supply does not charge any annual fee.

Tractor Supply Credit Card Application

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The Citi Custom Cash Card also offers 5% cash back on top-level categories, but you will get cashback up to $500 for expenses, then there will be 1% cashback. Conversely, the Tractor Supply credit card offers 5% cash back on gas stations, and most people need a gas station credit card. Tractor Supply is giving you all these offers at no annual fee.

As we already know, the Tractor Supply credit card offers rewards in the vet purchase category. At the same time, most store credit card does not include the vet category. But you will get rewards if you purchase from the Tractor Supply store, like toys, vet food, and other necessary veterinarian items.

If you compare it with, Petco is specially dedicated to vets and offers 8% cash back rewards at Petco stores and And another pet category credit card, Best Friends Credit Card, offers 5% cash back rewards on pet supplies and pet foods purchases for the starting $5000 spent per calendar year.

While Tractor Supply Credit Card offers unlimited 1% cash back points on all other purchases, make sure that you use the rewards in 60 days because they expire after 60 days of the issue date. You can’t use these rewards after 60 days of the issue date.

Tractor Supply Credit Card Application

Tractor Supply Credit Card

Rewards Redemption Process

Tractor Supply Credit Card holders, get different options to redeem the reward points. Cardholders can redeem at; you need to purchase any items and pay the bill from the wallet; You can also redeem at physical stores of Tractor Supply, and the third option is in the Tractor Supply Mobile App. 

If you don’t have reward points or get expired, then you can ask your friends and family members for the rewards balance. If you have a Neighbor’s Club membership, you must log in online with the same email address at the time of registration.

Best Financing Offers from TSC

Other retail cobranded credit cards also offer financing offers, like Tractor Supply Credit Card offers special financing offers if you purchase $199. You can opt for different financing options despite reward points. Here are the best financing offers by the TSC:

  • If you purchased $199 or more, you will get 6 months of no-interest financing options in which the full amount is paid within that time.
  • If you purchased $399 or more, you will get 12 months no-interest financing option on Tractor Supply Credit Card.
  • If your purchases are $1,599 or more, you will get 36 months financing option at 3.99% interest.

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Extra Features of Tractor Supply

Getting a $50 welcome bonus as a reward on a purchase of $50 or more and 5% cashback on selected item purchases and many other benefits are given by the Tractor Supply Credit Card. The extra features of TSC include:

  • Get a free tractor on a rent basis for a full day.
  • Get free shipping daily.
  • Get same-day delivery free of cost.
  • The TSC also prefers Your Neighbor status.

Every quarter, you can use the tractor rental and free delivery only for 2 times.

Other TSC Features

Tractor Supply Credit Card offers lifestyle benefits and all the benefits of Visa and card protection liability:

  • Zero Fraud Liability
  • Cardholder Inquiry Services
  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Roadside Dispatch and Auto Collision Damage Waiver
  • Lost/Stolen Card Reporting
  • ID Navigator from Norton

You will get 24/7 online account access via the official portal and app.

Should You Apply for the TSC Visa Card?

Considering all the benefits and features of the Tractor Supply Credit Card, it is quite a good credit card. TSC provides extra benefits to save money in your shopping. And the best thing is it provides 3% cash back points on vet services and expenses. 

Overall the TSC is very good for pet owners, day-to-day home expenses, and others.

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