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Zolve Credit Card Review: As we all know, building credit is a very hard task–it will be more complicated when we don’t have a credit card and want to build a credit score. Zolve is a platform that helps to build credit, and the process of building credit is very simple. Zolve provides a credit card that helps to build credit. If you meet the basic eligibility criteria requirements like SSN, address proof, income proof, etc., your application will get approved, and you will get a credit card.

Zolve provides credit cards to everyone, including U.S. residents, working professionals, and working employees.

Zolve help to build credit by offering different types of products. People who move to the U.S. need a good credit card to manage their expenses and build credit. Zolve made a good ecosystem to ease the U.S. banking system and hassle-free management.

So, let’s explore how Zolve helps us to create credit and ease the banking system in the U.S.

Zolve Credit Card Review


  • No annual fee
  • No interest charges
  • No Social Security Number, No credit check
  • No minimum deposit required
  • Reports to all three credit bureaus except the credit utilization and limit.


  • No welcome bonus
  • Cashback is limited with Dosh offers
  • Your credit utilization is not reported
Zolve Credit Card Review


  • Zero annual fee
  • Credit limit of up to $5,000
  • Zero interest charges
  • No minimum deposit required
  • Reports to all three credit bureaus except the credit utilization and limit.


  • No welcome bonus
  • Rewards are limited to select merchants.

What is Zolve? 

Zolve is a growing fintech company that helps to build credit by providing financial products. Zolve offers a wide range of financial products like the Zolve Aspire Credit Card and the Zolve Credit Card, Zolve banking account, Zolve student loans, and Zolve remittance. Zolve is a fintech company affiliated with its partnered banks. 

What Does It Offer?

Presently Zolve offers different banking products like online bank accounts, credit score builder credit cards, insurance, and auto loans. Here are the products offered by Zolve:

  • Zolve Aspire Card
  • Zolve Remittance
  • Zolve Credit Card
  • Student Loan
  • Zolve Account
  • Zolve Boost Account
  • Insurance and Auto Loans

Zolve Azpire Credit Builder Card  

The Zolve Credit Card is a credit building credit card, and this credit card doesn’t require Social Security Number for approval. This makes the Zone Credit Card very special for those who don’t have an SSN at the time of online application.  

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Zolve Azpire Credit Card Limit

You can use the Zolve Credit Card on your daily spending, and there is no pre-set credit as it generally happens in a secured credit card. The Zolve credit card is just like a debit card; in the Zolve account, you deposit some money, which will act as a credit card limit. With Zolve Aspire Credit Card, you can deposit a maximum of $10,000 in one billing cycle.

If you deposit $5000 in the starting four months, you will qualify for the unsecured Zolve Credit Card. And you can use the premium features of the Zolve Credit Card.

The credit card of Zolve reports to all three major credit bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. And this will help to increase your credit score.

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Zolve Credit Card for Students

If you are a student and want a good credit card with no annual fee, Zolve Aspire Credit Card will be great for you. The card is very convenient, and if you don’t have SSN, you can apply for the credit card and get the Zolve Azpire credit card.

Zolve Credit Card Cashback

The main motive of the Zolve Aspire Credit Card is to improve credit, and there are no other special benefits to that. Yes, you can get 10% cashback rewards on your spending via Dosh. Dosh is a cashback app, and this is available to no cardholders.

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Zolve Credit Card Benefits

Zolve also allows you to upgrade your account if you qualify for the unsecured Zolve Credit Card. If your account is in good standing, then you will get more benefits like:

  • You will get a credit limit of up to $5000
  • Every quarter you will get 5% cash back on 5 selected brands
  • And 1% cashback on all other expenses
  • You will get exclusive offers from the partnered brands
  • There is no foreign transaction fee

Zolve Credit Card Lounge Access

Yes, you can get access to the lounge access at selected international airports around the world.

Zolve Credit Card Apply

Follow the steps to apply for the Zolve Azpire Credit Card:

  • First, you have to go to the official website of Zolve Fintech Company.
  •  Then you have to find the credit card section.
  •  Click on the apply online button.
  •  After clicking on the button, you will get an online application form.
  •  You have to fill in your basic details like name, address, source of income, etc.
  •  Then you have to submit your Zolve Credit Card application form.
  •  Then you have to wait for the approval of the application.
  •  If your application is successfully accepted, then you will get an email and further instructions you will get in the email.
  •  Just activate the credit card and start using the credit card.

Zolve Credit Card App

The online application of Zolve is super fine. You can send money very fast to your international friends. Zolve remittances are convenient and the best way to send money to your family and loved ones worldwide. You can check all your transactions and the bill dates and offers in the application.

Why you might want a different card

If you are frustrated with your credit and want to improve your credit quickly, then Zolve Azpire will be the best credit card for you. Zolve is a fintech company, and the bank does not issue the Zolve credit card; this credit card doesn’t have any special key features, so we assume that the credit will improve in this timeframe.

No credit limit or credit utilization reporting

Zolve reports your account activity to the credit bureaus, but the credit utilization and limit are not shared with the credit bureaus. Credit utilization is the main factor that affects credit, but this is not shared with the credit bureaus. Sometimes, without reporting the credit utilization, it will take some time to reflect the changes in the credit score.

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Required deposits to a Zolve account

The Zolve Aspire Credit Card doesn’t charge any interest because the amount for the purchase is used from the deposit account. The card behaves just like a secure credit card, so there is no need to charge interest on the amount used by the cardholder. The credit limit depends on your deposit amount in the account. The deposit amount serves as your credit limit. This will help you to spend facility in an emergency.

Zolve Azpire credit card vs. Capital One Platinum Secured credit card

Let’s compare the Zolve Azpire and Capital One Platinum secured credit cards. The Capital One Platinum Secured Card is the best credit card because we will have the flexibility to deposit security. Credit cards require a minimum of $200 as a security deposit. And the Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card offers three tiers of security deposit based on your credit score: $49, $99, and $200. If we talk about the Zolve Aspire Credit Card, there is no requirement for the security deposit in the account, but whatever amount you add to your account will become your credit limit.

If we carefully check all the benefits and features of both the credit card, we find most things are similar. But the Capital One Platinum Credit Card reports credit utilization and credit line to the credit bureaus while the Zolve Aspire card doesn’t send to credit bureaus. But if you take Capital One Platinum Credit Card, you must check the APR. Zolve Aspire Credit Card is a better option if you want to avoid carrying a balance.

Zolve Azpire credit card vs. Discover it® Secured Credit Card

If you want cash back on your spending and to build a credit score, then the Discover it® Secured Credit Card will be the best. If you spend on gas and dining, you will get the highest reward points; in other categories, you will get 1% cashback on your other purchases.

If you talk the Zolve Aspire Credit Card, it also has a reward program and offers up to 10% cash back on selected merchants. While the reward redemption Zolve is complicated but in Discover it® Secured Credit Card, the reward redemption is straightforward. Only the thing in Discover it® Secured Credit Card is you have to deposit $200 as a security.

Zolve Azpire credit card vs. Self—Credit Builder Account with Secured Visa® Credit Card

The Self—Credit Builder Account with a Secured Visa Credit card offers similar facilities to Zolve. Both credit cards are building credit with the help of their own money but in different ways. The Self—Credit Builder Account offers two types of credit cards to increase your credit. While Zolve Azpire allows you to use your account balance, you can fund again and report some of your activity to the credit bureaus.

The Zolve Aspire card is simpler and more straightforward than the Self Account; Zolve allows us to use the amount we add to our account. As we know that Zolve doesn’t report credit utilization to the credit bureaus, use. To this, the credit score improves slowly. But the Self account sends all the reports to the credit bureaus, so credit score improves gradually. The Zolve Azpre credit card has no annual fees, while the Self account charges a $25 annual fee.

Zolve Credit Card Customer Care Number

Zolve Customer Care Whatsapp Number. N/A.

Zolve Customer Care Email.

Contact Mail Customer Support: hello@zolve.com Email.

Bottom line  

If you are a new cardholder and need a credit history, then Zolve Aspire Credit Card can help you to build your credit score. If you don’t have a social security number, you must opt for the Zolve Credit Card. And if you are looking for reward credit cards, you can go with Discover it Secured Credit Card.

How to get Zolve Credit Card?

If you want to get the Zolve Credit Card, you have to visit the official website of Zolve and apply for the credit card. Zolve is a fintech company that issued a Zolve Azpire Credit Card, and this credit card is just like a secure credit card. Zolve Credit Card helps you to improve your credit score.

Is Zolve Credit Card good?

Yes, Zolve Credit Card is very good for new cardholders, as it helps to improve the credit score and gives you other facilities to enjoy the benefits and features of shopping. This credit card doesn’t require SSN, so if you don’t have SSN still, you can apply for the Zolve Credit Card and improve your credit.

How to pay Zolve Credit Card bill?

You can pay the Zolve Credit Card bill in 2 ways:

Go to the Zolve app and find the “My Card” section
1. Then select your Zolve Credit Card
2. Enter the amount you want to pay
3. Click on the play button
4. And complete the payment
5. If the bill is generated, you will find a “Pay Early” section.

If you want to use the external account to pay the Zolve Credit Card bill, then you have to follow these steps:
1. Open the Zolve app and go to the “My Card” section
2. Select your credit card
3. Click on the button of another account, and please continue
4. Select your bank
5. Enter your bank details and click on the verify option
6. Your bank is successfully added to Zone
7. Finally, you have to enter only your Zone pin, and your payment is done

What is the interest rate of Zolve Credit Card?

Zolve doesn’t charge any interest charge, because you are using your account balance.

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