Michaels Credit Card Review

Comenity Bank issues the Michaels Credit Card, which gives decent benefits on your expenses. The best thing is the credit card is a $0 annual fee and gives you 9% cash back on your purchases at Michaels Stores and online.

I know that you are super excited by the 9% cash back on your purchase, but some boundaries are also there that will bitter your taste in case of benefits. So, without making any suspense, let’s talk about all the benefits and features of Michaels Credit Card. 

To attract more people towards the Michaels Credit Card, exclusive perks and benefits are offered to the new cardholders. You can increase your savings on your daily expenses with the help of this credit card:

  • Get upto 9% reward points on your daily expenses using the Michaels Credit Card
  • As a welcome offer, you will get a 20% discount on your first purchase from the Michaels Credit Card.
  • You will also get free online shipping of your orders using your Michaels Credit Card.
  • Get special offers from time to time.

Where can we use the Michaels Credit Card?

Michaels Credit Card is a different type of credit card; you will not see Visa or Mastercard logo on this credit card because this credit card is specially designed for store use only and is on the official website Michaels.com. Michaels has different types of businesses and launched different products, but you can’t use the Michaels Credit Card in other Michaels stores line michaelscustomfarming.com or michaelsphotogifts.com. 

And the reward points you earned can be redeemed only on the website of Michaels. (The 9% cash back means you will get 9% back in “Store Rewards,” not in the form of cashback)

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What is the expiry date of the reward points?

The reward redemption process is simple if you compare the reward points with other credit cards. If your rewards value becomes $5, the rewards will be automatically issued as a voucher within 72 hours. And you can check that rewards in your account or the Michaels App. 

You will also get an email about the recent regards credited to your account. You can redeem the regards points at Michaels.com and in-store. You need to provide your account information to use this service, and you can easily use the redemption service.

Savvy Tip: If you want to collect more reward points, you must join the Michaels rewards program.

Yes, you will get good reward points on your savings, but the one bad thing is that the rewards vouchers expire 32 days from the issue date. So, it is very difficult to use these rewards in your next purchase, and it is quite hard to use them regularly before they expire.

Michaels Credit Card
Michaels Credit Card

Does Michaels’s Credit Card provide good rewards?

Although you will get 9% back on your expenses, and also the Michaels Credit Card provides you with the following perks:

  1. On your first purchase, you will get a 20% discount if you pay with the Michaels Credit Card.
  2. You will also get free shipping on an occasional basis if you purchase with minimum purchase.
  3. Get time to time best offers on various categories.

You will get different offers on the Michaels website, and they change them occasionally. So it is hard to mention that you will get that much discount on the Michaels Credit Card. So you have to regularly check on the official website of Michaels to get discounted products.

Although you will get all the benefits and perks of the Michaels Credit Card, you must check the terms and conditions of the offers because they are unclear, and you will be trapped. 

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Do I need to carry a Balance?

Most credit cards charge high APRs to carry a balance, and Michaels follows the same patterns and carries a high 29.99% APR. The interest is high as compared to the 9% regards. As per the Federal Reserve data, the APR is high as of the first quarter of 2023.

This indicates that whatever rewards we earn on different types of shopping will be wiped out by the higher interest levied on the credit card.

Do the rewards beat the free-to-join program?

You are getting a 9% reward looks very cool, and it is amazing, but if you see the other side of this credit card, you will lose all your rewards and didn’t get any satisfactory savings on your expenses. If you join the rewards program, you will get 3% back on all your purchases, and if you spend $300 in the last 12 months, you will get 6% back on the eligible purchases.

We should keep the credit card rewards on one side of the membership program. Frequent shoppers can easily qualify for the 6% back, an extra benefit from the Michaels Credit Card.

If you are a regular shopper and want a good cashback credit card, you have many other better options, like the Citi Double Cash Card that offers unlimited 2% cash back on all your expenses. You can earn unlimited cash back with no expiry date and get good rewards on different categories. And the final choice is yours; you can opt for any credit card as needed.

What is the customer support number of Michaels Credit Card?

The customer support number of Michaels Credit Card is 1-800-304-3102.

What is the official website of Michaels?

Here is the link of the official email link.

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